Obama on Comey

Obama recently discussed his distressed feelings about how the F.B.I. director James B. Comey handled the new emails incorporated with the investigation against Hillary Clinton.

Obama stated, “We don’t operate on incomplete information” in an interview with NowThisNews, meaning the emails they found might have nothing to do with the investigation.

The fact that Comey released this discovery of emails without having a fact stating that those emails were related with the investigation against Clinton shows that he was trying to stir up voters.

Jose Gonzales, 21, history major from Cerritos College said about the emails, “Good for them, for whoever it benefits, I don’t care.”

He also stated that he doesn’t think the president should be involving himself with any candidate and by doing so he might be making a sketchy deal with Clinton.

“It’s too late, it’ll make him look bad if he backs down from supporting Clinton,” said Gonzales about Obama supporting Clinton at the beginning of the investigation.

Gonzales thinks it’s good that Comey released the news and by doing so reopened the investigation he said, “If they had to reopen the investigation to get more information then its good.”

Gonzales isn’t sure if Comey did that to stir up the voters but he does know that he doesn’t know who he’ll be voting for on Tuesday.


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