Electing the electors for which election?

Norwalk, Calif.- On Nov. 8, the elections were held, no not just for the president of the United States, but for the board members at Cerritos College.

How important are these elections?

Well these are the people responsible for monitoring construction budgets, advance the diversity program and keeping the college affordable.

Jonna Barcelona, 20, has already casted her vote and said, “It’s important to know who’s in charge to know if they do better.”

Barcelona said she knew two candidates personally and voted for them.

She also said that she knew 10 people that voted, but that the school does not inform the school well about these elections.

Barcelona suggested that the school should send students emails about the board elections to get students more involved.

Alejandro Gutierez, 23, said that he would not cast his vote to the election because he didn’t even know that there were elections at Cerritos.

Although he does believe that voting for the new board members is important, just like the other students on campus, he was ill informed.

Gutierez does assume that he knows someone that did vote.

Gutierez said, “Students are definitely not well informed, I mean I didn’t even know.”

Sinai Herbert, 19, said that it was the first time she heard about the elections, but that she’d vote if she still had time.

Herbert believes the elections are important and that the school should get students more involved.

Although she is planning on voting she does not know if she knows someone that will join her or already has voted.

Herbert was shocked at how unaware she was about the elections, she said, “I spend a lot of time here on campus and I was completely oblivious about these elections.”

Herbert said, “There should at least be a big poster or flyers so that at least some students could have a chance of seeing something rather than nothing.”

Martha Camacho-Rodriguez is the new Trustee of Area No. 1 after a very close battle with Robert “Bob” Arthur, Carmen Avalos is Trustee of Area No. 2, Marisa Perez is Trustee of Area No. 4, and finally Sandra Salazar as Trustee of Area No. 6.

Although most students believe that the school didn’t provide any information about the election, they could have found out by reading their local Talon Marks newspaper that’s 100 percent free.


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