Students cast votes for Cerritos College Board of Trustees, or do they?

Norwalk, Calif- The Board of Trustees elections for Cerritos College were held on Tuesday, Nov  8.

Students were able to go out and vote not only for the future president but members of the Board of Trustees for their school.

Students had the chance and make their vote count for the future of the college but seemed many did not plan to vote.

Jeff Morris, major in law administration of Justice said, “No, I don’t think so, I don’t think I am going to vote, I got a pretty full schedule.”

Other students at Cerritos College had little to no knowledge of the election.

Jesus Sanchez stated, “No, I don’t even know what that is or what it even consists of.”

He then went on to say why he didn’t know about the elections “I think it’s because there’s never anyone saying anything about.”

Sanchez further stated ways on how the school could reach out to the students about the elections to make them vote.

“Maybe they can put it on billboards, I don’t know, but they should make it a public announcement to grab people’s attention to make sure they know what it is.”

As for the result of the elections according to Talon Marks twitter page.

Sandra Salazar with 50.96 percent while Rosa Barragan and Tom Chavez had 28.78 and 20.26 percent respectively.

Marissa Perez beat Kenn Glenn for Trustee of area number four 72.39 percent to 27.61 percent.

Carmen Avalos won Trustee Area number two with 61.07 percent out voting Tammy Ashton 21.39 percent, Luis E. Melliz 10.86 percent, and Claudia Carmen Murillo 6.68 percent.

The winner for Trustee Area one was Martha Camacho-Rodriguez 42.86 percent coming close second was Robert “Bob” Arthur 41.81 percent followed by Cathy Godinez 15.33 percent.

For further information on the elections and Cerritos College news make sure to follow the Talon Marks twitter page @TalonMarks.







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