Into the unknown

Los Angeles-  Following the Nov.8 elections came along protests and riots against the president elect Donald Trump.

On Nov.12 there was an anti-Trump protest in Los Angeles where about 12,000 people that RSVP on Facebook and others participated in the protest.

Myriad people had signs saying “We reject the president elect” and “P**** grabs back” some held old Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders signs in the air.

Janette Herrera, 21, from Cal State University Northridge a political science major and minoring in gender and women studies says she went to the protest because she likes them and has been going to them all her life.

Herrera thinks Trump winning the election was a huge wake up call for Americans she said, “We knew he was running and nobody was doing anything not the Republican or Democratic party from stopping him cause nobody agreed with him since the beginning, and the media gave him lots of coverage.”

She thinks the reason people voted for Trump was because, “So many Americans realized that they don’t have an economic future and the way they thought they would solve the problem was by electing someone who they thought was anti-establishment, but he’s not, but they were so desperate that they thought he was the answer and they didn’t see Hillary as an honest politician.”

Herrera doesn’t know why Hillary lost the electoral college, she said,” I don’t even know who the people in the electoral college are, ask them.”

Her goals at the protest were,” To show Trump and his supporters that any policy he passes that the people are not gonna have that, the anti-immigration, anti-women etc., we ain’t supporting that.”

According to Herrera if Trump was forced out of office and Mike Pence became president then it would be even worse she stated, “He wants to put gay people in camps.”

“Of course it’s gonna be bad he doesn’t know what he’s doing”, Herrera said “He’s a business man not a politician and even as a business owner we know how that turned out, Trump College, yeah right!”

Herrera doesn’t think Trump will last in the presidency she said,” I think he’s gonna get impeached, just look at him, I don’t think he knows how he became a president.”



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