Students and the 2016 Election

Nov. 8 2016. The final day to vote for the President of the United States of America.

The race between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump has been interesting to say the least.

This has been a very controversial battle between the Democrats and Republicans and on that caught the attention of the world.

Both sides have been going at it for months now and serious allegations towards both candidates have been brought to the attention of the world.

Racism, sexual abuse/assault, lying, illegal servers, deleted emails, the list goes on.

Many people are very unhappy with the outcome of the 2 main opponents and are terrified of what can be the outcome of the election.

At Cerritos College, a small group of students were putting small American flags around the hill area by the Burnnight Center.

Henry Gray, 21, was one of the students placing the flags in the grass is planing to vote but has not done so yet.

Henry is an engineering major at Cerritos College and is not happy with the election this year.

“I think we’re f—–. People need to understand that we don’t just have 2 choices when it comes to the presidency.”

Andrew Gomez, 28, a custodian at Cerritos College has not and will not vote in this years election.

“I think this election is a load of BS, both candidates are equally stupid and neither deserve my vote.”

Michael Esperanza, 23, a psychology major at Cerritos College wore his “I Voted” sticker on campus the morning of the election.

“I think the election was garbage, both main candidates spent more time attacking each other than answered the important questions. It’s important to vote in every election, it’s the only way our voices can be heard.”

Again, yet another person on campus is unhappy about the election this year.

Many people seem to feel the same way about this election.

The country and the world is watching anxiously to see who will win the race to the presidency.

Today is the final day of the election, one that will be remembered and spoken about for years to come.

Donald J. Trump won the presidency.


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