The Hexagonal Begins

The final round of the CONCACAF qualifying stage to Russia 2018 finally commenced on Friday Nov. 11.

There are six teams involved in this stage USA, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago.

Three of the six nations will receive a direct ticket to Russia 2018 where the fourth place team will have to play a playoff against Asia’s fifth place.

There are 10 games in total and each nation will have a home and away game against each other.

Efrain Lozano, 19, soccer fan said, “In the Concacaf region it is very difficult nations like Panama and Costa Rica have grown throughout the years which has made this qualifying stage more difficult.”

Mexico and USA kicked it off when they faced each other in Mapfre Stadium, Ohio where USA has beaten Mexico 2-0 every time they faced off.

This time the result changed Mexico was able to pull off a 2-1 win against USA for the first time in 15 years.

This result put an end to infamous American Outlaws chant “Dos a Cero.”

Benjamin Torres, 19, Mexico fan said, “It was a difficult game, but it was a great win I no longer have to hear the ‘dos a cero’ chants from my USA homies, Rafa Marquez really came in clutch at the end with that header giving us the 2-1 win.”

Other results from that day: Honduras lost 1-0 at home against Panama, and Trinidad & Tobago also lost at home 2-0 against Costa Rica.


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