Are we really thankful?

Thanksgiving came along quick this year and so did the irony of Black Friday.

In a holiday where people give thanks for everything that they have and what is to come in their near future.

Families come together and sit around the dinner table to enjoy a family meal where many say grace for what they are thankful for.

Families cook special meals that are probably only cooked once a year to enjoy with other family members to embrace unity.

Yet, the very next day the same people who were saying grace for what they are thankful for are in stores bombarding each other for good deals.

Some people do not enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner or day because they are already lining up at a BestBuy or a Fry’s electronics store to be the first into the stores.

How has it become a part of American culture to one day being thankful for everything you have and the next day rushing into stores for savings?

Black Friday should be moved to another week or month because there is no way it should share the same week as Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day and week should be just dedicated to enjoying it with your family or friends and enjoying each other’s company.

The week should not be dedicated to plan out what aisles are you going to attack first or what store has the best deals and what time should you meet up to get in line.

Black Friday should go away it should not exist but it is a clear depiction of the power of capitalism and the greed people really have.


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