Black Friday 2016

Nov. 25, Black Friday shoppers all around the country gather to their favorite retail stores in hopes of finding the best deals.

People spend hours in line and some even camp out to make sure they get first pick at whatever items they are trying to purchase.

Lines wrapped around buildings, people wrapped up in blankets, sitting on lawn chairs, some even pitched a tent and camped.

Everything from towels, clothes, bedroom supplies, kitchen supplies, toys, cell phones, computers, video game consoles, televisions, everything was on sale.

The Walmart off Lakewood blvd. and Rosecrans had people in line that wrapped the building.

Edgar Flores, 28, a local resident in Lakewood loves to go shopping every black friday, “I’ve been black friday shopping every year for the last 6 years or so. I think it’s fun, it can get wild at times though, this year I’m looking to get myself a new laptop.”

Edgar and his wife Susan, 26, stand together in line sharing a blanket, “We’ve been in line for about 4 hours now, once we got here we realized we forgot our chairs and we’ve been standing this whole time. My sister just left to go grab us some coffee, it’s going to be a long night.”

Near the end of the line of group of young people group together.

Alex Gomez, 18, Samantha Gomez 16, Philip Barrios 19, Justin Ferguson 19 said this is their first time black friday shopping.

“This is our first time black friday shopping, my sister Samantha and I just met up with a couple of my friends from school, We’re just trying to stock up on some video games tonight”, Alex.

Samantha, a local Paramount high-school student, “I’m not really looking for anything tonight, I’m here to see how crazy it’s going to get tonight. If I see something I like I’ll probably buy it.”

It’s just about midnight and it seems hundreds of people are standing in line at this point.

Those in the front are beginning to put their chairs away awaiting for the doors to open.

You can feel people excitement as the clock begins to get closer and closer to midnight.

The doors finally open, people holler and begin flooding the store.

Black Friday 2016.


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