What is your greatest struggle right now?

Cerritos College is now nearing the end the of the fall semester, with the holidays coming up as well as finals student’s stress levels are at an all time high.

Andrew Peregrina, 26, a business major said, “My greatest struggle right now is making enough money and life in general.”

“It’s hard going to school while trying to work to make ends meet.”

“Life is tough, I’m trying to do everything on my own right now, somedays I feel down about myself but I keep telling myself I need to keep going.”

“I’ll be graduating this year with my AA, then I’ll be off to Cal State LA, I can’t give up now.”

First year college student Alexis Cruz, 18, is currently a full-time student majoring in English.

“Time management is my greatest struggle right now.”

“The classes I’m taking are time consuming and have to read and write a lot.”

“I have a paper due tomorrow and another one for another class next week, was headed to the library right now to work.”

Students all over cerritos are feeling the stresses of the upcoming finals.

Time flies after thanksgiving break and before you know it, it’s finals week.

Are you ready?


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