Chicago Soul In Los Angeles


Jamila Woods – HEAVN


by Stanley Delgado

Jamila Woods, Chicago-born poet and vocalist, will be holding a small “intimate” concert at the Voila! Gallery in Los Angeles on Dec. 15 and doors will open at 8 p.m.

The show comes as a surprise as Woods is not touring behind her excellent debut album “HEAVN” (which came out earlier this July on independent label Closed Sessions).

Katrien Van Der Schueren, founder and director of Voila! Gallery, believes that Woods is a perfect fit for the new concert series the gallery is running, Voila! Sessions.

“[Woods] has mastered her craft,” Van Der Schueren wrote. “What she sings about, what her art is about, falls in line with our philosophy which is mainly about enjoying life’s passions.”

As her music is rather new, and there are no physical copies of it, most people found out about her through other publications such as Noisey or Pitchfork or word of mouth.

Lydia Romero, 21, a photography major at Cerritos College, says she is excited although she hasn’t heard her music all that much.

“I know [Wood] had something with Chance [the Rapper] and I see her album a lot everywhere – the album cover at least,” Romero said. “My friends are really into her and they’re taking me to see her. I don’t want to hype her up too much though.”

Jaime G., 23, an anthropology major at Cerritos College, says he feels like he’s heard her name before.

“I think she’s featured in a couple of songs I’ve heard. She’s always popping up on my Apple radio, though.” Jaime G. said.

Pre-sale tickets are online $15 and doors will open at 8 p.m. And last until 1 a.m. According to Van Der Schueren, Voila! Gallery is different from most venues as events that take place there are usually more akin to parties or social-gatherings rather than out right concerts. So bring 15 dollars and a conversation.


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