What Inspires You?

Times could get tough around this time of year for people at Cerrito College, yet they still manage to find something that inspires them.

Some people have different methods to find inspiration or see something that inspires them, even the mood of a person could inspire somebody.

Freddy Renteria finds inspiration by “seeing other people happy.”

He said, “I don’t know, I like seeing other people happy, that inspires me to do stuff.”

Renteria stated that the inspiration leads him to “Building stuff, like woodwork, and architecture.”

Other people find inspiration in their beliefs such as their religion.

Valentin Rodriguez, Culinary Arts major at Cerritos College, said, “I favor Christianity, that gives me inspiration.”

He also stated, “When I see other people apply their religion” also gives him inspiration.

Rodriguez said religion gives him inspiration because “It’s kind of a deep root of belief if I didn’t have a belief what’s the point of waking up in the morning.”

He compares belief with jobs, “In the world we have jobs, we need it because we have problems, the solution would be the job.”

Rodriguez continued on by saying “The belief is the problem because many people don’t see the belief they don’t see the problem.”

It is good to see students with inspiration to keep their heads high during the end of the semester.

With finals around the corner, everybody could use a little bit of inspiration to succeed during finals.


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