Cuba Libre?

February 1959, the month Fidel Castro was sworn into office was the day time stood still in Cuba, November 2016, the death of Fidel Castro…

Castro has governed Cuba for over half a century and in that time, he instilled free healthcare and education to all Cubans at the cost of crumbling infrastructure and poverty.

Andrea Magallon, 18, a psychology major at Cerritos College and a Cuban-American, is content with the death of Castro.

Magallon said, “I’m happy he’s dead, I just hope another dictator won’t rise to power.”

She stated that she had never been to Cuba and that she had only been told stories about it and her relatives that remained.

According to Magallon, it was her grandparents that fled Cuba during Castro’s reign, and that her own mother had been born on the boat they road to Florida.

In 1962, the US imposed a full economic embargo with Cuba trying to starve their citizens to revolt against Castro, but with the Soviet Union aiding Cuba with supplies this did nothing until the fall of the Soviet Union.

Cuba then went back to starving and that’s how it stayed under Castro.

Although the embargo is slightly being lifted by allowing travelers to buy Cuban cigars and rum Magallon still thinks ties with Cuba won’t get much better.

“It’s a Cuban tradition for family reunions to have a big banquet, so when my aunt came from Cuba my mom made a big feast and when she saw all the food she looked really scared. She would ask permission to eat the food because back in Cuba food is expensive”, said Magallon.

She also stated that she is happy that Cubans are finally getting recognition for bringing their avocados to Florida and calling them “Cuban avocados” instead of “Florida avocados”.

Cuba has a strict policy where the residents can leave the country, but in doing so they’ll be banned from going back to Cuba.

The death of Castro has already brought change to the island, who knows what will change in the future.

Magallon says that she wants to visit her homeland and the rest of the family that still resides in Cuba and hopefully they’ll retract the ban of exiled Cubans.


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