Harlequin CD Release Show

On Saturday Dec. 17, 2016, Los Angeles local all girl metal band will be having an album release show for their newest album “Masochistic Salvation”.

Physical copies of the album hit their online store Dec. 3 along with a shirt, poster, pin, and stickers.

The album features guests from other local Los Angeles based bands like Syrebris, Stages of Decomposition, Infinite Death, Hideous Rebirth, Servile Conceptions and Ethnosphere.

Lead singer and guitarist Tawny Arredondo, 26, says, “We’ve been looking forward to this album for along time now, well over a year into the making. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most awesome people on this album.”

“This album is long awaited, we’ve dedicated so much time into this album and we are really excited to have physical copies printed and ready to have out at our upcoming shows.”
Neyda Susana, 24, says, “I’m so excited for this album to finally be done, we’ve worked so hard over the last year recording and getting everything ready for the release of this album, we are really excited to finally show case our work and can’t wait to play our show on the 17th.”
Guitarist and other vocalist Krista Fluker, 26, “I love this band, with all my heart, these girls are some of the hardest working girls I’ve worked with, their professionalism and drive is unreal, and I’m proud to be a member in this band.”
“So much work has gone into this album, it gives me so much joy for finally see it in my hands.”
The girls in Harlequin have worked together for years, have played dozens upon dozens of shows both in the local spectrum and out of state.
They are well respected in the local metal scene here and their album has been long awaited by friends and family of the band.

Not many bands in the local spectrum tend to stay together for as long as they have, these girls have a serious passion for their craft, and you see their love for their music when they play live.


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