Angel City Brewery

On Dec. 7, I went to the Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles for a company Christmas party were I par took in food and alcohol.

Driving in Los Angeles might be a bit tricky for those that don’t have any knowledge of driving on the city due to many small sharp turn streets.

I myself took a wrong turn looking for the brewery, but that was due to a GPS malfunction.

Parking wasn’t that bad, the usual motorist struggle, but I managed to get lucky finding a spot on the street.

The building looked like an old brick factory with big metal garage doors, but inside the building looked like a normal bar with a lot of long wooden tables and benches.

Like most bars, they sold food as well as alcohol except the food was made outside the brewery in a food truck.

The food truck that night served mainly hot dogs and I ended up getting a polish hot dog, it was good at first, but midway through the dog the spices became too overbearing like there was too much salt.

I also got these tater tots that were delicious, they had parmesan cheese sprinkled on top along with a spicy thousand island dressing.

The brewery also had mini games like connect four, jenga, darts and other small games for its customers to play.

We also got a small tour of the facility mainly where the beer was distilled, and stored which took about 25 minutes in total.

At the end of the tour the guide gave us all samples of three beers: Belgian Style Wit, Berliner Wiess and Amber ale.

My personal favorite was the Belgian Style Wit, it was light and had a good taste to it.

Overall the experience I had at the Angel City Brewery was  good.


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