Let’s Reflect

What I learned from this blog project is to be prepared for anything that may approach you. I learned when interviewing people you need to pay close attention and make sure you are always accurate.

I learned when interviewing people you need to pay close attention and make sure you are always accurate with quoting.

You need to make sure you know how to make great questions based on the information that is given to you. This technique is what makes a great journalist and helps them succeed.

The most difficult part of the project was going out to interview students and have them not want to respond to your questions.

On top of that trying to make deadline and type your story on time to be turned in.

Time management was also hard for a beginner like me. You have the pressure to go out and make sure you ask the right questions to get a good response.

You don’t want to be asking a yes or no question because you are not going to get a good story out of that.

The best part was learning how to be persistent when students did not want to be interviewed or had no idea on what you were talking about.

What was also great was hearing student’s distinct opinions and views on things. You get to find out that there are some very interesting students at Cerritos College.

Being able to work with classmates was fun to while having peer editing sessions they help fix mistakes that perhaps you missed. They give you ideas on what story you could work on next and help you come up with questions you could ask.

The skills I learned in this project will help me become a better journalist in the future.

Being persistent will help me with future stories and interviews, time management will help me in my everyday life. Asking the right questions will help me get the right answer and meet the right people.






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