Black Crown Initiate – The Wreckage Of Stars

Over the last month I’ve been listening to Black Crown Initiate’s 2014 album, “The Wreckage Of Stars.”

This album is one of the best progressive death metal albums I’ve heard over the last few years.

The album was released Sept, 2014 through eOne Music and was produced by Carson Slovak who has worked with bands like August Burn Red, Texas In July, and Everclear.

The album hit #18 on the Billboard Headseekers chart.

The band is based out of Reading, PA, and are managed through Outerloop Management.

The members include, James Dorton (vocals), Wes Hauch (guitar, formally of The Faceless), Andy Thomas (guitar and vocals), Nick Shaw (bass), and Jesse Beahler (formally of Rings of Saturn).

When most people think of death metal bands they automatically assume the band is all screaming, brutal, fast, with inaudible vocals.

This album embodies the sound and speed of brutal death metal with beautiful melodic parts, guitar shredding, drum chops, and clean singing.

They did a great job combing the fast and brutal elements of modern day technical death metal with melodic parts that people that don’t listen to this genre of music can tolerate.

I’ve shown this album to people that don’t listen to death metal and they enjoyed the clean singing melodic parts of the song.

Drummers should listen to this album, Jesse, the drummer, did an amazing job writing drums.

He has these crazy blasts with 200+ bpm 8th notes on the kick drum that transition into “gospel chop” type chops giving the songs an indescribable feel.

The movement of the songs fit very well together and it’s so sonically pleasing to have a band as brutal as them be able to transition from such brutal technical death metal elements to beautiful melodic parts with clean singing.

I haven’t heard bands that were able to pull off something like this.

This is an album I highly suggest people listen to, especially drummers.

This album is very well written and surprised is not spoken about more.

The band has a great following but after hearing this album, they deserve to be bigger .


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