Blog Reflection

One new thing I learned about blogging was how to blog.

I had never blogged before so this experience gave me a new insight to social media and how to get my experiences and interviews read by the public.

The most difficult thing about the project was finding the time to interview people, because I not only go to school but I also have a job.

Another difficulty for the project was writing accurate notes while the person was talking.

Sometimes I had to ask the person I was interviewing to slow down or repeat what they had said and then they would lose track of where they were going with the conversation.

The best part of the project was being able to interview people about topics that I liked or wanted to talk about.

I also really liked listening to people’s responses about the topics I selected.

I believe I developed a skill in interviewing people and getting a genuine answer from them.

I also think I developed a skill in listening and analyzing what the interviewees had to say.

I plan on using these skills not only in my career as either a journalist or public representative, but also in my everyday life.

Staying updated with current events and analyzing people’s responses is very important depending on your occupation or evaluation of a person.

I feel the skills I learned will benefit me greatly in the future and I’m excited to continue expanding these skills and knowledge of the field of journalism.


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